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At Vet Services Wairarapa, we have a mobile digital x-ray machine. This means that we can take high quality radiographs and get images on the laptop within seconds. This helps us to quickly determine pathology and helps us to indicate further treatment needed.

Our atomoscope (the generator of the x-ray beam) is very powerful for a mobile unit, enabling us to radiography most areas of interest, including heads, feet, necks, hocks, stifles and dorsal spinous processes of spines (for 'Kissing Spine' diagnosis) and more.

On Site Or In Our Clinic

X-rays can be taken at your property as long as you have power and a flat dry area out of direct sunlight. You can also bring your horse to us to take advantage of our Equine Facility on Lincoln Road in Masterton, or lameness workups also commonly go to Panorama Equestrian to take advantage of their facilities and super staff.

Pre-Purchase X-Rays

We also carry out a full range of Pre Purchase X-rays, although we do recommend doing the Examination first. This helps determine further areas of interest plus helps us interpret any changes found appropriately - every horse will have some changes to be found somewhere if you look long enough! Do have a look at our Pre Purchase Examination page for more information on this.


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