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Equine Winter update 2018

It’s been an interesting Winter weather wise this year! The crazy changes from Southerly gales to Summer like days and then back has kept us all guessing as to what rugs to put on the horses...

Our recent Information talk on rehabilitation and shoeing, featuring our guest speaker farrier Ben Bateman, went well. It quickly filled to capacity - be sure to get in quick with your RSVP if you see a talk you’re interested in. Plus it means we cater with enough food.. keeping an eye on our Facebook page is one of the best ways to keep track of these events.

Stu and I also went over the Hill last week to do a Colic and First Aid talk for the lovely Wellington Dressage Group. What wonderful home baking to be found at the Thompson’s Equestrian Centre! 

We’ve sponsored a few equestrian events this year and a stand out group is Dressage Wairarapa. They always make you feel very welcome, plus they are really good at promotion. We highly recommend them if you’re thinking of an equestrian Event to be involved with, as well as just a friendly group of horsey people if you are new to the area, or want to take a baby horse out to one of their regular rallies.

There’s also the exciting news that AgChallenge has decided to run their equine course at Panorama Equestrian Centre. I see the students are often busy doing a mixture of classroom work plus good old fashioned hard work. It’s always great to watch the change from wet around the ears young people to reliable and knowledgeable equestrians.

There’s a potential new Horse Riding Park getting up and running at Dalefield. This will an amazing opportunity to get some off road hacking for those of us not living on, or near, big farms. Search for them on Facebook if you want to know more, or help them out with working bees or sponsorship. 

Our super nurse Deb Cartmell has been nominated for Vet Nurse of the Year and so will be making the trip to Auckland next month to contest the final against 2 other nurses. Anyone that has had her come out with me or others will know that she thoroughly deserves to win this – friendly, brilliant at handling, efficient and extremely experienced. Good luck Deb!

We’ve had a slight shuffle in our Zone Visit days to make it a little more efficient geographically. These means that you can get a reliably cheaper visit on the relevant days – though of course, we’ll come any day with the usual mileage charge. I’ve added the areas below if you want to see the updated version.

In any case, the Spring season is just cranking into action now. Lots of dentals, Selenium checks and investigations of lame horses that have been ‘not quite right’ over the Winter happening around here. We’ve had a real mix on the worming front – some crazy high egg counts (I think the weather not actually having been that cold makes a difference) plus satisfying to see many people reach their second year of having a targeted faecal egg count management system and so mostly low counts there, with only minimal worming. Plenty of rain scald from sweating under those rugs in these frustratingly changeable temperatures – if in doubt, go lighter (or without! Gasp!). 

Foaling season is just starting for most sporthorse people now. Don’t forget the mare tetanus shot 1 month prior to expected due date and feel free to get in touch if you want to run through what to expect. Good luck to all and most of all, stay safe!


Zone Visit Locations

Pirinoa Mondays 
South Wairarapa Incl. Greytown & Martinborough Mondays 
Alfredton Tuesdays
Eketahuna Tuesdays
Masterton Surrounds Wednesdays
Tinui/Whareama Wednesdays
Panorama and Carterton Thursdays

Published Wednesday 18th of September 2019

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