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Equine dental and worm egg count promotion

Equine dental and worm egg count promotion


Feeling a bit deflated after Horse of the Year? Need another bargain, now that you are home?

It's getting to that time of the year when lots of people are starting to think about getting their horses' teeth sorted before winter. It's also been surprising how much of a worm problem we have had this year – we have had some really high worm egg counts, even from healthy looking competition horses! Perhaps it's due to the high grazing density, with there being so little grass due to the drought. Worm burdens can make horses colic, lose weight, cause a dull coat or just not perform up to expectations – but resistance to modern drugs is a real problem in the horse world, and will continue to be so. Worm egg counts are a really good way to decide on whether your horse actually needs worming or not.

So we figured, why not combine the two in a deal:

Routine check and rasp of teeth, including a light sedation, is $105 inc GST . If you pay within 2 working days of invoicing, you get 10% off so it would be $94.50. If you book by the end of March, with the visit booked for before 12th April, then you will also receive a free worm egg count, worth $15. This includes advice on management and worming.

The visit charge depends on where you are located but as an example, you can get a visit to the immediate Carterton area for $15 on a Thursday (less the 10% for prompt payment..). Check out the website for more information on visit charges to your area.

You can book in by emailing us on or ringing on 027 5990045




Published Tuesday 18th of March 2014

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