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Vet Services Wairarapa

Vet Services Wairarapa

So... brilliant news! Wairarapa Equine first merged with Chapel St Vets; now, they have also merged with Vet Services Hawkes Bay. This is super exciting as it will mean we will have access to a huge amount of knowledge, equipment and infrastructure - all of which can only be good for you, the client!

We will become Vet Services Wairarapa and will be based out of our lovely new building, currently being transformed from Masterton Medical into a state of the art Vet clinic. We had a wee look around today - amazing to see so much progress so quickly! If you have any comments or queries, do feel free to get in touch.

Dental & Selenium April Promotion

On another note, our dental and Selenium test promotion has done so well that we have decided to run it for April as well. If you get your Selenium checked at the same time as a dental (which is only $110 inc sedation, mileage extra), the Selenium test is only $18. We are finding results all over the show so something important to consider.

Horse Of The Year

Louisa went up to Horse of the Year last week to shadow vet Tony Parsons. This is to help her move through the protocol to be an FEI vet. It was a huge honour and lots learnt - thanks Tony!

Published Thursday 26th of March 2015

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