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Who are Wairarapa Equine?

Who are Wairarapa Equine?

Hi there everyone!

My name is Louisa Gleeson and I graduated from Massey in 2002. I worked for Roy Farman in Masterton when I first graduated, then moved over to England where I worked for almost 8 years doing mostly equine work. I came back at the endd of 2011 to help my mother out, who was ill, and have decided to stay, as I adore the Wairarapa. I did my GP Cert (EqP) in England (an extra qualification in equine with cases to write up, modular work and exams run by the European School of Post Graduate Veterinary Studies) as I really am mostly interested in equine work.

I had just set up my own practice (Wairarapa Equine) in April 2012 but, on a quick visit to Massey University's Equine Unit as a meet and greet, I was asked to work there for a couple of months locuming, as they were between clinicians. So.. I worked there during the week and in the Wairarapa in the weekends - but am now back full time. I couldn't really turn down the work at Massey as I'm trying to convince the bank to lend me money for a digital xray machine and it was a great experience to work there and meet some fabulous world class clinicians. This has helped reinforce bonds for any referrals or extra advice needed with more complicated cases.

I also am mad keen on riding myself; I love eventing and producing youngsters. I got myself a lovely ex racehorse at the end of June 2012 to keep me out of trouble as my spare time was just being used to eat!! I have a particular interest in poor performance / lamenesses but really I just generally like doing any horse work.

Let me know if I can help you with any of your equine needs!


Published Tuesday 24th of July 2012

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