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Sunscreen - Equine Health Sunscreen

Here's a review on Equine Health Sunscreen, one of our summery products.. it's $24 for a 500g pot, which lasts for ages!

I have been using Animal Health Sunblock for a number of years now and, after experimenting with many of the sunscreens options on the market, it is still my block of choice. We run a boutique sport horse and pony stud and as such we can have 20+ horses on the property over the summer period. As I have bred Clydesdales and I have a stallion with a big white blaze who is siring progeny with lots of white as well, I am all too familiar with the battle that horses with pink noses can wage with the sun over the hot summer months. I prefer not to leave halters on my horses so nose flaps are not really an option and I work full time as well as manage the stud so time is something I don't have a lot of. I have found that I can get away with only applying the Animal Health Sunblock 2-3 times a week (possibly more at the very height of summer) and it works brilliantly. It's also very affective at healing and clearing any of the nasty scabs that can form on the horse that has been without sun protection and it has never reacted badly with any of my horses (young or old). In fact we have had mares arrive to be bred to our boys with quite bad sunburn and it has been nice to be able to send them home completely sunburn free. I find a little really goes quite a long way and the price means it is a very affordable alternative to some of the other brands on the market today.

Key benefits:

• Zinc and Titanium offer total coverage from the sun.

• Contains carrot oil for additional natural sun protection.

• Antiseptic properties from the Cetrimide

• Consistent texture of cream makes it easy to apply.

• Suitable to apply onto horses with sensitive skin

As with all the products in the Equine Health range the Equine Sunblock is manufactured to the highest standard in a Veterinary approved manufacturing plant.

Published Monday 14th of January 2013

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